We've got all the angles covered.

A large percentage of our work is multi-camera productions.  Typically used on performances, these productions can be stand-alone or "ISO" for post editing promotional work, but are more commonly paired with IMAG, live stream broadcasts, and remote CCTV feeds.  We can do simple 2 camera "side-by-side" shoots with computer capture, but also larger productions with 5 cameras, jib crane, robocam, moco dolly, wireless video, teleprompter, intercoms, audio mixing and engineering, and more.  Utilizing in-house equipment and the best local crew, we can affordably and professionally cover your performance, program, or event. 

Any venue.

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We've done shows at too many venues to list here.  But the ones pictured above in Houston TX include Matchbox 4 at the MATCH, Rice's Stude Hall, The Hobby Center - Zilkha Hall, The Wortham - Cullen Theater, Miller Outdoor Theater, and Queensbury Theater.  We have the experience and relationships to ensure that each venue setup is handled professionally and reliably.  And for things like conferences that take place in different geographical locations, we can travel and adapt to any scenario.

Any level of production.

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Professional quality doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive.  Affordable options are available to make your performance, program, or event look great.  See our work samples for more information, or contact us today for a customized estimate.